Join the Sugar Rub! Road Trip

In 2016 "Flat Sugar" travelled the world to raise awareness that Pets Get Breast Cancer Too. Check out the Sugar Rub! Road Trip 2016 to see Sugar's travels. 

Want a Flat Sugar of your own? Download one here and share our mission by taking Sugar with you! 

Flat Sugar

Wear a Sugar Rub! Wristband

You can help us raise awareness and share the message about the importance of regular breast exams for pets by wearing a Sugar Rub! wristband. Contact us to get your free wristband today!

Share our Flyers

Print and post our flyers to let others know about animal breast cancer. Most pet supply stores have bulletin boards where you can post flyers. Ask your veterinarian or local shelter if can you post one at their location.

Share our Flyers

Mama J raising awareness about animal breast cancer at the San Francisco Avon Breast Cancer Walk in 2014.

What is a Sugar Rub?

  • Raise awareness that pets get breast cancer.
  • Encourage pet parents to check their pets at least once a month by giving them a Sugar Rub! (breast exam).

​​​Check your pets for breast cancer

Our Goals

Join our Mission

Watch a video of Sugar getting a Sugar Rub! from her oncologist, Dr. Stephen Atwater. 

The Sugar Rub! is what we call giving your pet a breast exam.

With any cancer, early detection is a critical factor for survival, so examining your pets regularly is very important. In addition to a regular exam by your veterinarian at least once a year, give your pet an overall nose to tail exam once a month. Be on the lookout for any unusual lumps or bumps and get them checked out by your vet right away.

Click here to read an article by Dr. Donna Spector about how to do a breast exam on your pets.

Flat Sugar raising awareness in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Sugar Rub!